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Region 12 Tournament-Specific Rules

Below are the rules specifically applicable to the Virginia Region 12 Tournament.  These rules are in addition to the Program Rules of Chapter V of the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide.

Please ensure your team is familiar with each of these rules, requirements, and restrictions.

  1. No wheeled travel, either in the halls or in the performance areas. This means skates, scooters, skateboards, wheeled footwear, carts, wagons, chariots, hoover boards, etc.
  2. Use of wheelchairs are allowed for those in need.
  3. Use of baby carriages are allowed for the very young if operated exclusively by adults.  However, please consider leaving your stroller in the car as space may be limited.
  4. Teams solutions that involve ride-on vehicles may only ride the vehicle only during the 8-minute presentation.
  5. No fog machines.
  6. No strobe lights.
  7. No weapons, or realistic depictions of weapons. Teams must obey the Public Schools policy regarding weapons.
  8. No dyes, bleaches, or other substances that can cause permanent stains, unless the substance is kept in a sealed container throughout the performance.  This includes substances like mustard, grape juice, tomato sauce, hydrogen peroxide, tide pods, ink, etc.
  9. No materials deliberately thrown or fired toward the audience – not even glitter, popcorn, or confetti.
  10. No adjusting the room lighting.
  11. No flash photography during performances.
  12. No special or additional lighting for video recording performances.
  13. No highly-pressurized gases in the building.  Commercially produced aerosol cans are permitted, but if the team leaves a mess or a odor at the site, the team could receive an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. If you have a specific question about a specific pressurized container, the Tournament Director will answer your questions and maintain the secrecy of your team’s solution.
  14. No abuse of pressurized gases – the gases are often toxic/poisonous and should be used only under adult supervision and only for purposes approved in container the instructions.  Thus, for example, helium must not be used to create funny voices.
  15. No “Coke & Mentos” mixtures or other similarly powerful chemical reactions.
  16. No set painting in the hallways or bathrooms. Please prepare your sets prior to arriving.  Your team may receive an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty if found painting in the school property or leaving a mess in the bathrooms.
  17. No eating of food or drink in the tournament sites.   Prince William County Public Schools prohibits eating and drinking outside of the cafeteria areas.   Team and Audience lunches and snacks must be eaten in the cafeteria areas.
  18. No use of drones, unmanned aircraft, or aerial vehicles. Prince William County Public Schools prohibits the use of drones in or around the school.

Note: these are Region 12 specific rules that may not apply to other regional, state, or world tournaments.