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Tournament Registration Process

Two steps to register for Odyssey of the Mind. 

Step 1 – Creative Competitions, Inc (CCI) Registration

Ensure your school has a membership from Creative Competitions, Inc (CCI), the organizers of Odyssey.  Your school coordinator should have this information.  Coaches, check with your school / organization coordinator first before registering with Odyssey of the Mind.  You don’t want to pay any unnecessary registration fees.  Check here to see if your school has a membership.

Through CCI your school / organization receives a membership number and full problem descriptions.   It is impossible to participate in the regional competition without a CCI membership number.  The CCI membership enables your school / organization to have 1 team compete in each problem in each division. Division I is K-5, Division II 6-8, Division III 9-12 and Division IV is college. Primary is K-2, and within Region 12 we do not limit the number of primary teams that compete with your membership.   To determine the number of CCI memberships required for a school / organization:  if you choose to have three Division I teams compete in one problem, then the school / organization will need to purchase three CCI memberships.  However, the three Division I teams could compete in three different problems under one membership.

Once registered with CCI, they will provide your school / organization with copies of the problem statements.  The problem synopsis found online is not the full information necessary to create your solution. You do not have the complete problem statements until you receive the problem statement.  If you purchase your CCI membership by credit card you will receive access to the full problems immediately by download. If you send a check you will receive the information in the mail several days later.

Step 2 – Region 12 Tournament Registration

To register your school / organization teams and judges for the Region 12 NoVA South Regional Tournament, each team must register online and then provide both one all day judge and one 2-hour volunteer on tournament day.

  1. The Coordinator or Coach must register the team online.
    1. The Coordinator or Coach must register the team first using the Odyssey Membership / Team Registration site.
    2. Entry into the Membership Area on the Odyssey site requires the School Membership Number and Zip Code used for the membership.
    3. Once the team is assigned, the coach will receive a registration confirmation email from Odyssey with a Team Login and Password
    4. The confirmation email also contains information on where to send registration payment either online using PayPal or by Check.
    5. Once the coach has registered the team, your judge will register and link to your team using team information.
  2. The Judge must register and link to the team registration.
    1. Each team must provide one (1) all day judge. – Really it is not work, it is a fun day!
    2. Each judge MUST be 18 years or older and MUST attend one day of training prior tournament.
    3. The judge WILL NOT be able to watch their child or team compete.
    4. It is best to have the team locate a judge early because the team can not compete without providing a judge.  Find judges who are loosely associated with the team.  (ex. a neighbor, friend, or co-worker).  Do not wait until the last minute to find the judge!
    5. The Judge register using this link:  Odyssey Judge / Volunteer Registration site.  
    6. Your team judge must link to your team information, so provide them a copy of your team confirmation email so they have the proper registration information.
  3. The team must identify and register a 2-hour volunteer for tournament day.
    1. Registration for the 2-hour volunteers is not necessary.
    2. The 2-hour adult volunteer slot will be assigned to each team.  A volunteer must sign in for each registered team.
    3. Each team will be assigned a volunteer job position prior to tournament day and will be notified of the time slot when the tournament schedule is available.  We make every effort possible to schedule work time around the team they represent.
    4. Volunteer must be 18 years or older.  The volunteer must check-in at the volunteer desk on tournament day.
    5. Volunteers who don’t show or leave early jeopardize your team score – make sure your team’s volunteer knows that they are an important part of the team on competition day.
  4. The team registration is not complete until we receive your registration payment.  
    1. Tournament registration payments are made online using PayPal when you register or by check.
    2. There are NO REFUNDS on tournament registration fees.
    3. Prior to competition we will email team coaches about tournament packet information.
    4. Watch this website for tournament and volunteer schedule and any other important information.