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Idiom Inspiration

Spirit of the Problem:  Present an original humorous performance that includes the literal and figurative depiction of several idioms.

Problem Statement:   The team’s problem is to create and present an original humorous performance that includes a minimum of four idioms.  Three of the idioms will be selected from a list, and one will be created by the team. Two of the selected idioms must be acted out literally and figuratively – for example, literally letting a cat out of a bag, and also figuratively giving away a secret. The third idiom must be incorporated into a team-created poem. The team’s performance will also show the origin of the team-created idiom.

Creative Emphases:  How the team’s idioms are woven into the performance, the team-created idiom, and the team-created poem.

Review the Problem:  Down load and review the full Idiom Inspiration Problem Statement (2001).

Watch the video: This video (about 4 minutes) demonstrates a team’s solution to the Idiom Inspiration problem.  After you watch the video take a moment to review the questions that follow below.

 Watch Chocolate Watch video in QuickTimeTM.
Watch Chocolate Watch video in Windows Media PlayerTM.


Review These Questions:

  1. Did you find the four idioms used by the team?
  2. Which idiom was the team created one?
  3. What are some of the style elements used during the performance?

Your Pre-Training Is Now Complete:  We look forward to seeing you at our up coming coaches training event.