Spontaneous Workshop

Event Location: Franklin Middle School, 3300 Lees Corner Rd, Chantilly
Event date: Saturday, January 19th, 2019
Event times: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Map: Franklin Middle School

This event is for Division I, II and III Teams
Sorry, No Kindergarten Only Teams.

Using a competition-like setting, teams will solve two spontaneous problems (verbal, verbal/hands-on, or hands-on) and receive feedback from judges on the creativity of their responses, teamwork, and areas for improvement. Working in pairs, teams will have a chance to observe alternate teams solve different problems. This provides teams and coaches an invaluable learning experience not available during competition.   No scores or awards will be provided during this workshop!  Note: each team MUST provide a volunteer to help us make this workshop successful.

In the workshop environment, coaches are encouraged to attend (limit two) with their team members as they solve each problem. This provides coaches the opportunity to watch their teams in a competition-like setting to aid in future training at home using the FREE Spontaneous Kit.  (Coaches, you can serve as the judge / volunteer and find someone else to monitor your teams during the day.  This enables you to gain additional spontaneous training.)

Why don’t we allow teams of just Kindergartners?  The objective of this event is to give divisional teams who might advance to the state competition additional practice with the spontaneous competition. On tournament day, we schedule time for all primary teams to participate in spontaneous but primary teams cannot advance to states.

Can I just bring my Kindergarten team?  No. We are not set up to handle teams of all kindergarten age students.  The problems used during this event are geared for 2nd Grade (Division I) and older.  We base team matching by the oldest team member and team experience during this event.  We can’t match Kindergarten only teams with a team of 2nd graders and have a meaningful experience.  Our training experience will be lost on both teams which is unfair to everyone.  So, please remember that Odyssey is a life-long process and your young team will have this opportunity again next year.

REGISTRATION:  is first come, first serve by session online.  There are 16 slots available in each session.  Teams should arrive 10-15 minutes before the session start times.

  • Session 1 – Team Arrival: 8:40 — Departure: 10:10
  • Session 2 – Team Arrival: 10:30 — Departure: 12:00
  • Session 3 – Team Arrival: 1:20 — Departure: 2:50
  • Session 4 – Team Arrival: 3:10 — Departure: 4:40


ELIGIBILITYAny Odyssey of the Mind team from Division I, II and III.  (Please no Primary Teams – see comments above)  Each team MUST have at least one coach or parent with the team at all times.  Partial teams and substitute coaches should attend if the whole team isn’t available.  In addition, each team MUST provide a volunteer to help us make this workshop successful.  Please leave non-participating children at home. 

TEAM VOLUNTEEREach team MUST provide a team volunteer (age 18+) to participate.  All volunteers will receive training before the workshop session so prior judging experience is not required. Team volunteers will serve as judges or other support positions as necessary to make this workshop a meaningful training opportunity.  Coaches can be the team volunteer but you must find someone to monitor your team.  Childcare will not be provided for volunteers.

Team volunteer must arrive early for training according to the team scheduled session time.

  • For teams attending Sessions 1 and 2 – Team Volunteer MUST arrive at 7:30 AM and will be done at 12:10 PM.
  • For teams attending Sessions 3 and 4 – Team Volunteer MUST arrive at 12:30 PM and will be done at 4:45 PM.
  • Team Volunteers can bring coffee, water, soda, etc. We do NOT provide food or beverages. 


  • All cell phones will be silenced during the workshop.
  • Only team members and two coaches will be allowed to participate in the training rooms.
  • Parents and any non-team members may not participate in the workshop.
  • If possible, carpooling is strongly encouraged.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED – SERIOUSLY!!! Anyone found with food will be ask to take it outside!

COST: $80 per team – no PayPal service fees. Sorry, no refunds for cancellations made after January 6, 2019.

Online Registration

Registration will open shortly after coaches training.