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Essential Coach Tournament Information

All Coaches – Here is your tournament day information.  

Please read these entire information packets carefully.  Share with your team the information they need to know.  Share with parents the information they need to know.   Be sure that everyone planning to attend has the information they need about times, parking, your team’s problem and division, and your schedule for the day.   Review long term and spontaneous procedures with the team.   Please download, print, and review these important documents.

The Tournament Day schedule is posted below.  Teams must use the Membership Name and Membership Number as provided in the schedule and on the Team Sign-In Ticket on their official membership sign.  

  1. Tournament Information Letter – 2019
  2. Tournament-Logistics – 2019
  3. Tournament Schedule – 2019
  4. Odyssey Emergency Care Form_AutoFill
  5. Region 12 Tournament Specific Rules


Here are some forms for Divisions I, II, and III that teams can use for their paperwork.

  1. Style-Form_Prob1- Vehicle_AF
  2. Style-Form_Prob2_Technical_AF
  3. Style-Form_Prob3_Classics_AF
  4. Style-Form_Prob4_Balsa_AF
  5. Style-Form_Prob5_Drama_AF
  6. Style-Form_Prob6_Primary_AF
  7. Problem_1_team_list
  8. Problem_2_team_list
  9. Problem_3_team_list
  10. Problem_4_team_list
  11. Problem_5_team_list
  12. Outside_Assistance_Form_AF
  13. Cost_Form_AF


Primary Coaches – we have some additional information for you.

  1. PRIMARY Meet Letter – 2019
  2. PRIMARY Coach Considerations


Get ready for  a GREAT day watching some amazing team performances — AND NO SNOW!