Region 12 Virginia Odyssey of the Mind

Congratulations Silverbrook Elementary School!

Silverbrook Elementary School – 2018 World Finals Prob 3 Div 1

Kind words from Coaches Melanie Cummings and Julie Lokitis

The Silverbrook Odyssey of the Mind team worked hard for months preparing for the regional and then state competition, and were thrilled to see that hard work pay off with the opportunity to represent Virginia Region 12 at the 2018 World Finals.  This team of extraordinary girls were in awe at the diverse groups of students from around the world who also share their passion for the Odyssey of the Mind program.  Attending and participating in the World Finals was truly an honor for these young ladies and the experience invaluable.  The girls were true professionals at their debut at the Odyssey World Finals, and we know they will use the gracious feedback from the judges at all levels of competition to improve and grow as they continue their involvement with the program.  Watching these girls become a true team has been rewarding and we could not be more proud of their accomplishments.  Thank you to Virginia Region 12 and everyone who makes the Odyssey of the Mind Program a success! 

Congratulations Oak Hill Elementary School!

Oak Hill ES Team – 2018 World Finals 11th Place Prob 3 Div 1

Kind words from
Coach Ginger Hawkins

The Quacker Pan team from Oak Hill Elementary School was happy to represent Virginia Region 12 at the 2018 Odyssey of the Mind World Finals! This is the team’s first year together – but many of these girls are Odyssey veterans and for five of them, 2018 was their second trip to Virginia State Finals.  The girls loved watching performances at Worlds, trading pins, living in the dorms at Iowa State University and meeting teams from all across the country and from other countries. They want to thank all the volunteers at Oak Hill, our Odyssey Region 12 and our State association who make this program possible. As Wendy and Peter Pan learned in their skit – we all need more creativity and imagination in our lives! We thank Odyssey for making this possible.

Congratulations Ronald Regan Middle School!

Ronald Reagan MS Team – 2018 World Finals 2nd Place Prob 3 Div 2

Kind words from
Coach Michael Heilen

Since their humble beginning as 2nd graders, the Reagan team has won four Regional first places (as well as 2nd and 3rd at Regionals), two Regional Ranatra Fuscas, two State first places (as well as 3rd and 5th at state finals), and now 2nd place at the World Finals (as well as 18th place at the 2015 World Finals). After making it to the World Finals in 2015, the Reagan team has been striving to return, but had unfortunate setbacks in 2016 and 2017 that left them just shy of advancing. Advancing to the World Finals this year is the product of long-term dedication by the team to reach their goals. Being able to attend and compete in the World Finals this year was their big goal. Winning 2nd place was icing on the cake. We are very proud of them!

2018 Odyssey World Tournament Scores

Coaches and Omers:  Remember, regardless of where your team placed, every team who participated is a World Finalist. 

In VA alone, 850 teams competed at region level; 120 at state level; 34 qualified for the World Finals. In the end, VA had 4 teams place within the top 6 positions and were mentioned during the Award Ceremony. 

  • Problem 3 Div 4 Montvale Library  – 1st Place
  • Problem 4 Div 2 Seneca Ridge MS – 1st Place
  • Problem 3 Div 2 Ronald Regan MS – 2nd Place <— Region 12 Team !!!!
  • Problem 5 Div 3 place Poquoson HS – 5th Place

After reviewing all the final scores for the 34 VA teams:

  • 16 teams placed in top 10 (47%)
  • 31 teams placed in the top 20 (91%)
  • 33 teams placed in the top 30 (97%) 
  • 1 team placed a very respectable 32nd place.

Given there are 45-70 teams in each division of each problem, this reflects extremely great performances by the entire VA Team!!  Click here for the 2018 Odyssey of the Mind Tournament Results.

David Tsuda
VOICES Association Director

2018 Virginia State Tournament Scores

Coaches and Omers All – Click here for the VA State Tournament Results.  First and Second place teams are eligible to advance to worlds.

David Tsuda
VOICES Association Director

2018 NoVA South Region 12 Tournament Scores

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the teams that participated in the 2018 Regional Tournament. 

THANK YOU coaches, judges, and volunteers for your support making this a Great Day!   Without you, this tournament couldn’t happen.

SPECIAL THANKS to Dr. Debbie Bergeron, Mr. Dan Forgas, and the staff of Manassas Park High School and Middle School for their support hosting the tournament.  

Those teams which finished in first place teams from Division I and II or Teams from first and second place from DIV III are invited to compete at the Virginia State Tournament  on April 14, 2018 at Menchville HS, Newport News VA.

We hope to see you all again next year!

Click here for Tournament Scores

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