NoVA South Video Calls

If you missed our recent virtual phone calls you can watch the recorded sessions by clicking on this link.

Region 12 Participation Survey

Please take a moment and complete our participation survey to help us estimate team numbers within the region this season. 

Given the inability to schedule and use school facilities this year, we expect to conduct a virtual region tournament this year.  Team registration costs  have not yet been established but they will be much lower than in the past.  We will conduct both virtual coaches and judges training events but holding the in-person Spontaneous Workshop is unlikely.

While CCI continues to define both the Traditional and Virtual World Finals tournaments, we are working with VOICES on plans for the Virginia State tournament. As soon as those dates and plans are set, we will post them on this website.


Odyssey 2020-2021 Season

This is going to be an exciting year! One program, six problems, two platforms!

Given the details of the pandemic, Odyssey of the Mind is offering Traditional Memberships and Virtual Memberships!

Having the option of a Virtual or a Traditional Membership gives everyone the opportunity to use their creativity to solve problems. Teams from both types of memberships will be solving the same problems with the same clarifications.

Every team is guaranteed the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity in an official Odyssey of the Mind tournament.

Teams will be able to advance in competition and could ultimately earn their way to our World Finals or our Virtual World Finals!

Also, all six of our 2020-2021 Long-Term Problems are available now!

Register now at:

Good luck, stay safe, stay creative, and have fun!!
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New Information From CCI on 2020-2021 Season

CCI has provided additional information on the 2020-2021 Odyssey season. 

Be sure to check out this flow chart on the registration options.  In addition, the new program guide and sample virtual tournament submissions are available for viewing.  CCI has released additional 2020 VWF solutions available here.

What is Odyssey of the Mind?

New to Odyssey of the Mind, click here to watch 2018-2019 closing ceremony montage video on Youtube.  Odyssey of the Mind is meeting STEM and Common Core, and 21st Century Skills through Creative Problem Solving.  If your interested in starting the Odyssey of the Mind program at your school, Click here to access a wealth of information or contact our School Coordinator Liaison.

Welcome To Northern Virginia Odyssey

Northern Virginia Odyssey has five Regional Boundaries.  This website supports the Odyssey of the Mind program known as Region 12 – NoVA South.  We represent the lower part of Fairfax County and Prince William County.  See links below for other Northern Virginia regional websites.

2019-2020 Team Photos

Coaches and teams — We are looking to update our website photos.  Please send a photo of  your team in costume and a 2-sentence blurb to

2019-2020 Participation Certificate

Coaches, to assist you in recognizing your team’s hard work from 2019-2020 season, we have posted the tournament participation certificate for you to print and distribute to your team members.  This certificate is located on the forms page under the coaches tab or click here for a link to download.