Welcome to a new Odyssey of the Mind season!

Anticipating the number of participating schools may be lower than usual because everything was
virtual for the past two seasons, Region 12 (NoVA South) and our sister region, Region 9 (NoVA North)
have decided to join forces for this season. Please visit the NoVA North website for current information and updates!

Additionally, we (Joyce and Ron Ghen, Regional Directors since 2007) have officially resigned! The
position is open and we’re willing to help with the transition if anyone wants to move into this role.
Have a great season!

Joyce and Ron Ghen
(Formerly Regional Co-Diretors)

What is Odyssey of the Mind?

New to Odyssey of the Mind, click here to watch 2018-2019 closing ceremony montage video on Youtube.  Odyssey of the Mind is meeting STEM and Common Core, and 21st Century Skills through Creative Problem Solving.  If your interested in starting the Odyssey of the Mind program at your school, Click here to access a wealth of information or contact our School Coordinator Liaison.

Welcome To Northern Virginia Odyssey

Northern Virginia Odyssey has five Regional Boundaries.  This website supports the Odyssey of the Mind program known as Region 12 – NoVA South.  We represent the lower part of Fairfax County and Prince William County.  See links below for other Northern Virginia regional websites.

PLEASE NOTE — Region 12 will be teaming with Region 9.  These boundaries maybe a little outdated.